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Improve the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of your Access Authorization, In-Processing, and Fitness for Duty process with the comprehensive Illuminate™ Suite.

What is the Illuminate™ Suite?

Endevor’s Illuminate™ helps to improve efficiency, communication, accuracy and reliability of the nuclear Access Authorization, In-Processing, and Fitness For Duty and processes by providing a seamless software experience. Illuminate™ is a modular and scalable software package designed to completely facilitate the configurability and performance needs of large-scale Access Authorization, Fitness For Duty, and In-Processing operations.

Illuminate Process Diagram

Access Requests

The Access Request module of Illuminate™ provides a simple walkthrough for employees to request various types of access at one or many nuclear power plants. The Access Request module works in tandem with the Access Authorization, FFD, In-Processing, PHQ, and Background Investigation modules of Illuminate™ to provide the ability to request and process UA/UAA, In-Processing, OCA, and specialized types of Access.


Request Approval and Routing

Illuminate™ allows for any user within the nuclear company to request access for an individual. Requests are then routed to the appropriate Supervisor, Access Approver, and Security Approver to ensure that the request is approved by the appropriate personnel.


Batch Requests

Illuminate™ provides the ability to request multiple individuals at the same time. These requests are routed and approved together to minimize the administrative burden of many identical requests.


Dynamic Access Types

In addition to UA/UAA, Illuminate™ provides the ability to request other types of access. These access types can be customized and additional types can be added in the future.


Employee Portal

Nuclear company employees can request various access types, including UA, UAA, OCA, Safeguards, etc. through the Employee Portal.

Personal History Questionnaires

The PHQ module of Illuminate™ automates the process of collecting Personal History Questionnaires from individuals required to obtain access. The software provides a simple, step-by-step approach to collecting all required information, and also manages the distribution of PHQs allowing you to see the progress and status of a PHQ as it is being completed.

Instant Validation and Confirmation

The PHQ is self-verifying and validating. As the PHQ is completed, the software ensures that each field is properly completed. Based on the type of PHQ (Initial, Update, Reinstate, etc.), the software will ensure the required amount of history is provided and that there are no periods of unaccounted time, avoiding potential human performance traps.

Simplify the Verification Process

PHQ data can also be sent automatically to a background investigator using Illuminate™ Investigations to manage background investigations, saving both you and your investigator time and improving accuracy.

Get a Head Start on Your Next Outage

Illuminate's PHQ allows contractors to complete the PHQ prior to arriving on-site using their own computer or device. The simple and intuitive user interface allows them to complete the PHQ much faster and with fewer mistakes than when using a paper form.

Your PHQ, Your Process

Since Illuminate™ PHQ is built on Endevor’s ENGAGE software platform, you have the ability to easily control and modify key areas of the PHQ. Illuminate™ features a robust set of tools to allow power users to update different elements of the PHQ as company or industry requirements change. A revision process allows you to apply changes on a particular date, maintaining all historic records in the process.

Access Authorization

The Access Authorization module of Illuminate™ handles all aspects of requesting, granting, and maintaining UAA / UA for Individuals within a nuclear utility. UA Activities can be mapped to a specific Basis For Action / Background Type and Illuminate™ facilitates the processing and completion of all activities required. Illuminate™ handles Activity and Access expirations, collection and adjudication of Potentially Disqualifying Information (PDI), automation of UA Activities, Ready for Badging workflows, Integration to the Personnel Access Data System (PADS), and monthly / yearly Supervisor reviews.


Granting Access

Illuminate™ provides the ability to grant access for an individual taking into account all of the appropriate checks for PDI, access holds, activity completions, and training completions.


Potentially Disqualifying Information (PDI) Tracking

At any point in the process of attaining and maintaining unescorted access, PDI can be recorded and adjudicated. In addition to manually identifying PDI, Illuminate™ provides automated PDI identification throughout the process.


Access Authorization Activity Tracking

Illuminate™ tracks all of the required activities for each background type and prevents granting of access until all activities are completed favorably.


Badge Number Tracking

Illuminate™ provides the ability to track badge numbers for individuals holding access managing whether the badges are unassigned, assigned, lost, or broken.


Visitors / Escorted Access

In addition to Unescorted Access, Illuminate™ manages visitor requests and approvals, security check-in of visitors, and tracking visitors in the protected area.


30 Day Reviews

Once every 30 days, Illuminate™ requires that a supervisor perform a 30 Day Review of all individuals holding UAA / UA. The supervisor is notified of the need to perform a 30 Day Review and Illuminate™ allows the supervisor to request changes to their individual's access records.


Annual Supervisor Reviews

Once every year, an Annual Supervisor Review is required for maintaining UAA / UA access. Illuminate™ facilitates the process of notifying the supervisor, performing the review, and evaluating any PDI identified as a part of the review.

Magnifying Glass


Illuminate™ determines when a reinvestigation is required based on Critical Group status and activity expirations. A notification is generated and all appropriate activities are scheduled to track the reinvestigation to completion.

In Processing

The Illuminate™ In-Processing module is a powerful scheduling application that manages the scheduling of Activities for many of Individuals. In-Processing personnel can set up activities and manage the buildings, rooms, and computer stations where those activities take place. Illuminate™ uses a best-fit algorithm to schedule all Individuals’ In-processing activities in the shortest amount of time. Illuminate™ also provides tools for activity proctors to manage rosters and completions of the activity. Activities can be marked complete using a barcode scanner or a mobile device.

Automatic Activity Scheduling

Illuminate™ provides the ability to best-fit schedule individuals into training and Access Authorization activities prior to their arrival on site. This allows for in-processing a large number of individuals in the shortest amount of time possible.

Building, Room, and Roster Management

To facilitate scheduling, Illuminate™ lets administrators configure the available buildings, rooms, and activities available for scheduling. For each activity, Illuminate™ tracks the roster of individuals scheduled to attend the activity.

Training Activities and LMS Integration

In addition to Access Authorization and Fitness for Duty activities, scheduling accounts for the required training activities for an individual to be ready to work. To facilitate this, Illuminate™ provides standard integration points to Learning Management Systems.

Batch Schedule Management

Illuminate™ provides the ability to perform batch updates to buildings, rooms, activities, rosters, etc. to eliminate administrative burden while managing the in-processing process.

Fitness for Duty

The Fitness For Duty (FFD) module of Illuminate™ handles the requirements for maintaining UAA / UA across a nuclear utility. It includes integration to medical collection software, Follow Up Program testing and collection, Random Pools, Reinvestigations, Reassessments, and Medical Activity Tracking.

Follow-Up Program

Illuminate™ provides the ability to add and remove individuals from the Follow up program. Based on the set schedule of their follow up tests, Illuminate™ will schedule the required chemical tests and notify FFD personnel.

Random Pools

For all individuals holding UAA / UA, Illuminate™ monitors a site or fleet Random Pool. Illuminate™ provides FFD Administrators the ability to generate random chemical tests from the pool by number of employees or percentage of the overall pool.

Blind Sample Tracking

Illuminate™ provides the ability for FFD personnel to track the required Blind Samples as they are sent to the lab and results are retrieved.

Background Investigations

The Background Investigation module of Illuminate™ was created for nuclear background investigations and includes logic to validate the NEI guidelines for gaps in employment, developed reference requirements, industry background types, etc. Illuminate™ provides standard APIs for integrating with industry Personal History Questionnaires (PHQ), eliminating duplicate data entry. The Background Investigation module also provides a portal for nuclear background investigators to receive and complete background investigations for a nuclear utility.

Illuminate™ is brought to you by Endevor

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